Tourist Has Water Birth In The Red Sea

Red Sea
image: NY Post

Rather than choose to give birth in a hospital, a tourist chose to have her baby in the Red Sea.

While this sounds like a crazy idea, water births are an option some woman choose. I’d assume that they’re usually in a tub or pool, not in a sea!

The woman who is believed to be Russian was joined by her husband and a Russian doctor who specializes in water birth deliveries.

Photos of the husband and doctor carrying the baby out of the Red Sea went viral on social media. The images of the baby being carried with its umbilical cord still attached and the placenta in a plastic container were taken from a hotel balcony by a tourist. (So much for some privacy!)

The new mom gave birth soon after entering the sea in a bikini.

The NY Post mentions that the Red Sea, “has become increasingly popular with moms-to-be aiming for a seawater birth.”

The family has not been identified and there is no info related to the baby’s gender or condition.

Have you ever heard of a women giving birth in the Red Sea? This is the first time that I’ve ever heard of this.

Find out more from the NY Post here.

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