I’d Love To Try This International McDonalds Burger

McDonalds Burger
image: McDonald’s Australia

When traveling to other countries, I love visiting McDonald’s to see what kind of interesting menu items might be offered.

McD’s is also a good option when you’re traveling  with little kids since they’re usually excited to get a little toy with their meal. (A big added bonus is when the location still has a play area.)

I’ve previously written about McDonald’s we’ve visited in:

Besides the McD’s I’ve written about, we’ve also been to locations in many more countries. I remember stopping at a location in Australia which had a variety of sandwiches offered based on different countries.

There’s currently a McDonalds burger available in Australia which is one of the most expensive menu items ever offered by the chain. The burger cost $10.75 in Australian dollars, around $8.30 US.

You’re probably wondering, what makes this McDonalds burger so special and expensive?

This limited- time offer burger is made from Wagyu beef! The burger is being advertised as the first fast food burger ever made from the fancy meat. (Wagyu meat  is “fat-marbled, known for its buttery flavor” according to Grub Street.

McDonald’s is using Australian-bred Wagyu not the kind which comes from Japan.

Grubstreet points out that, “It’s called the Wagyu Beef Burger (boring), not a McWagyu (better).” I totally agree.

The Wagyu Beef Burger comes on a gourmet bun topped with with cheddar, lettuce,  tomato, bacon, carmelized onions and a tangy signature sauce.

This McDonalds burger sounds pretty good to me but it isn’t getting great feedback so far. In Grub Street’s article, they mention how some customers said they can’t even tell the difference between it and a regular burger.

Would you be interested in trying a McDonald’s Wagyu burger?

Find out more from Grub Street here.

2 thoughts on “I’d Love To Try This International McDonalds Burger

  1. Interesting . Though, I can’t say I’m surprised that the feedback isn’t so great. I’ve only had a couple of wagyu burgers before, and it usually is difficult to tell the difference. IMO, wagyu is best enjoyed as a steak where the difference is much more pronounced. I must say, though, I’m not a big fan of real 100% wagyu beef. It’s mostly fat and not much flavor. Give me a good ‘ol USDA Prime or wagyu-angus hybrid any day for optimal marbling + flavor

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