$160,000 Worth Of Cocaine Hidden On Fly Jamaica Airways Crew Member At JFK

Fly Jamaica
image: wikicommons

In 2017, drug smugglers tried to sneak into the US dressed as a pilot on a flight from Kingston, Jamaica. The plan did not work…

Last week, a crewmember for Fly Jamaica Airways was arrested trying to smuggle $160,000 worth of cocaine into NYC from Montego Bay, Jamaica.

The crewmember, Hugh Hall had nine pounds of cocaine strapped to his legs. I can’t imagine how Hall moved around like this and also expected to get away with his plan.

Hall, a Jamaican citizen was taken to a private room for inspection after “presenting himself to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) officers“, according to Yahoo News. The officers then discovered four packets on his legs.

He was then arrested and “turned over to Homeland Security Investigators.”

Fly Jamaica hasn’t yet commented on Hall’s arrest. Hall will be prosecuted by the US Attorney’s Officer in US Eastern District Court of NY, facing federal narcotics smuggling charges.

Yahoo didn’t mention what kind of punishment might come if Hall is found guilty but it’s probably safe to say that his time as a crewmember on Fly Jamaica Airways is over.

Find out more from Yahoo News here.

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