Oh Shit! Man ODs On Viagra At Airport, Throws Poop At People

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It’s been a pretty shitty month in travel so to speak.

Last week I wrote about a passenger who spread poop in a plane’s bathrooms causing the flight to be diverted.  Yesterday, we came across an article about a pretty crazy (and shitty) situation at an airport in Thailand.

Metro.co.uk reports that, “A man swallowed too many Viagra and rampaged naked through an airport screaming nonsense at people – before hurling lumps of his own poo at passers-by.”

Imagine the horror of witnessing this situation! I guess if you weren’t hit by any of the flying poop you could see the humor in the situation. (If you’d like to see what took place, there’s a video of the situation.)

It took six security guards at Phuket Airport to stop 27 year-old Steven Cho from New York. Besides throwing poop and screaming at people, Cho also destroyed things in some shops.

As the airport staff tried to calm him down, Cho ignored them. One witness said that the airport did a good job with the situation.

The airport mentions that Cho admitted to taking “too many Viagra and lost consciousness.” He also agreed to pay for the damage that he caused.

Cho was sent to a hospital for a medical and psychiatric exam.

Find out more about this crazy Viagra fueled situation here.

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