Lyft To Offer Beer With Discount Codes On Can!

lyftRide-share services are trying hard to earn our business. I frequently receive limited time offers to save on Lyft and Uber rides.

While Uber also offers lots of fun gimmicky promos like delivering kittens, air conditioners and gift bags, I haven’t heard of Lyft trying to advertise or promote themselves in this way.

I just came across a really interesting promotion that Lyft will be running, starting January 18.

Lyft is partnering up with Chicago microbrewery Baderbrau on a new beer. The beer, called Five Star is a “crisp helles lager”, according to the Chicago Tribune.

Grub Street wrote that it, “comes in 12-ounce cans, and is an “easy-drinking palate cleanser” of a beer with an ABV on par with Bud’s.

I’m curious to taste Lyft’s brew but it will only be available in bars in Chicago. So, even if you live in the Windy City you won’t be able to enjoy a Five Star at home.

What’s really cool about the beer is that each can will come with a discount code good for up to $5 off a Lyft ride. The discount varies from can to can so you won’t always be saving $5 off your ride.

It turns out that Five Star is more than just a beer collaboration for the ride share company. Grub Street wrote that, “Lyft’s Midwest manager tells the Trib the beer helps them achieve a longtime goal of getting inside bars.” Talk about an interesting marketing tactic!

I’m curious to taste Lyft’s Five Star beer but I have no plans to be in Chicago anytime soon. Would you be interested in tasting the beer (and getting a money- saving promo code)?

Find out more from Grub Street here.

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