Be Careful In Cambodia- Tourists Charged With Dancing Pornographically

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If you’re planning to visit Cambodia in the future, you better think twice about the way you dance while in the country.

10 Western tourists ended up in jail, being charged with “pornographic dancing” according to Fox News.

Cambodian police raided a villa in Siem Reap town where foreign tourists were found “dancing pornographically“. I’m not exactly sure what that means, but I’d guess that they were dancing while unclothed.

90 foreigners were detained with 10 of them being arrested. They face charges which could land them a year in prison.

Fox mentions that the Cambodia police website showed “photos showing clothed young adults rolling around together on a dance floor.” It’s scary to think that this kind of behavior could potentially land these tourists in jail.

The charges they face have more to do with producing pornographic photos which were then shared on social media. Producing these kind of photos are against Cambodian traditions…

Among the westerners arrested, there are five Brits, two Canadians, one Norwegian, one New Zealander and one from the Netherlands.

Again, if you plan to visit Cambodia, be careful how you dance and with what kind of photos you share.

Find out more from Fox News here.

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