Could NYC 24/7 Subway Service Come To An End?

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While the NYC subways are far from perfect, it’s still pretty impressive to think how far you can travel for such a fair price.

Besides traveling all around the city, it might even be more impressive that you can do so 24 hours per day, 7 days a week.

TimeOut New York recently shared news that 24 hour service on NYC subways could be coming to an end.

The article points out that, “a systemwide overhaul is currently expected to take 50 years to complete.” One way to greatly speed up the time for the work, according to think tank, Regional Plan Association (RPA), is, “by eliminating or cutting down on overnight service on subway lines across the system.”

If the service was to be cut , the work on the subway system could be completed in 15 years.

To get the work completed, RPA would like to cut train service between the hours of 12:30 AM to 5:00 AM on weeknights. This would allow work crews to do more work. Also, during these hours there are only around 85,000 people using the NYC subways, around “1.5% of the total daily ridership.”

The plan would also be to increase overnight bus service to make up for the lack of subway service.

I have mixed feelings about this idea. Not that I use the subway at those hours anymore, I do recall taking many train rides home in the early morning hours after going out with friends. Oh the memories…

I’m also pretty sure that in London the trains stop at a certain, late hour. Those needing public transportation can then use the buses. (I recall taking a double decker back to the hotel with a friend years back after a night of partying. This was due to the Tube shutting down.)

How do you feel about the idea of stopping 24/7 service of the NYC subway?

Find out more from TimeOut NY here.

4 thoughts on “Could NYC 24/7 Subway Service Come To An End?

  1. Sammy- Good to know! I haven’t been out of the airport in London in years.

    Nickless- Pretty sure that this is a suggestion not actually in the works. Guess we’ll see.

    Rjb- Interesting idea. Def too tired to do any sort of math! 🙂

  2. The MTA is so corrupt and so inefficient they could pay for a Uber for everyone who rides the subway from midnight to 5 am and save money! That’s a fact. Do the math.

  3. That won’t happen. It’s designed to fiction 24/7. They can cut service on one or two lines but not the whole system. It sounds like they aretrting to save a few bucks

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