Would You Add An Authorized User To Your Credit Card For This Offer?

Authorized UserI rarely add an authorized user to my credit cards unless I’m getting something worthwhile back.

Some credit cards offer bonus miles for adding an AU. One card which comes to mind is the United MileagePlus Explorer Card. When you add an AU and make an purchase, you get 5,000 bonus miles. Not bad…

I just received an offer to add an authorized user to my JetBlue Plus Card.

The subject of the e-mail sounded like it had potential to be worth considering: “Add an authorized user and add up the rewards.”

Then I opened the e-mail and immediately said “no way“!

I received a pretty lame bonus offer. The offer is that if I add an AU, I’ll earn a $10 statement credit. While I do like free money, I don’t think I’ll be adding an authorized user for $10.

Some Rules:

  • The offer is good from now until December 15, 2017.
  • Bonus offer is for select JetBlue Plus Card cardmembers and is not transferable.
  • Statement credit will appear 6-8 weeks after the end of the promotion.
  • One $10 statement credit per account.
  • To be eligible for this offer, the JetBlue Plus Card account must be open, active and in good standing.

What do you think about this offer? Would a $10 statement credit entice you to add an authorized user?

I don’t think it’s worth adding an authorized user (Kim) and then having the card possibly showing up on her credit report for a measly $10.

One thought on “Would You Add An Authorized User To Your Credit Card For This Offer?

  1. Morning,
    I am trying to add my husband on my credit card, I just received my card in the mail.
    I haven’t used it yet but I thought we were both on it
    Thank You
    Karen Shea

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