Find Out Which Airline Has The Worst Airplane Food

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It’s probably safe to say that most of you don’t look forward to airplane food.

I usually find the food to be decent enough to eat but it’s definitely not better than most sub-par food found at any given restaurant. While the Michael W Travels family primarily flies in coach, we’ve also flown our share of flights in premium cabins. I’ve also found most of those meals to be average at best.

I recently came across an article from the New York Post which shares info about, “the worst airplane food according to scientists.”

Initially, I thought that worst had to do with taste but the article is actually talking about unhealthiest food.

The info in the article is based on of a study done by Charles Platkin, Ph.D., the director of the Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center and editor of

According to the study, Hawaiian Airlines has the most unhealthy airplane food. Meals served by the airline have an average of 971 calories.

As for the healthiest meals served by an airplane, that was a tie between Delta Airlines Virgin. Both airlines received 4 out of 5 stars on the scale. Delta meals, including snacks averaged 480 calories while Virgin averaged 340. Air Canada and JetBlue tied for second place and Alaska Air, United, American Air and a few others followed.

The article mentions that most of the unhealthy calories we consume in the air come from the snacks served by the airlines.

How do you feel about airplane food? I tend to usually not mind the food. I’m not saying its great but I find it edible and dare I say, even enjoyable on occasion.

Find out more from the New York Post here.

8 thoughts on “Find Out Which Airline Has The Worst Airplane Food

  1. How often do you fly. Probably less than once per month like most , many fly even less. So it really does not matter. It’s the daily bad food that makes a negative impact on your body.

  2. I can honestly say that I do not have many complaints about Airlines Food, perhaps due to the fact that I fly long haul, usually on Qatar or Japan Airlines. I look forward to my flights. Here is a report on my last JL flight
    Flight food has to take into consideration Lounge while waiting for your flight or in transit and Al Safwa lounge at Doha is hard to beat.
    All in all in 2017, I even saw an improvement in AA food in F cabin domestically.

  3. I find that Delta actually has pretty good food. The quality, taste and quantity are quite nice. They normally have a salad or fruit along side the main course.

  4. Stefan Gleuck- In 2017 I’ve flown 35 segments and a bit over 54,000 miles. I agree, it doesn’t really matter much but it is interesting.

    Yehuda Kovesh, MD- If you’re flying top airlines and in premium cabins, the food should be better! And while I don’t mind airplane food I still think food in most restaurants is better!

    Mike Shackelford- Is that in coach or a premium cabin? I don’t recall the last time that I’ve flown on Delta where a meal was included!

  5. Would be a lot easier to list the airlines with edible food, like Singapore. I fly first/business class and even there the food on most airlines is inedible. I remember the golden age when United had delicious food on their Royal Hawaiian flight from Chicago to Honolulu…and THAT was in coach!

  6. Fantastic food and service on Singapore and Emirates…both in Business and First can’t be beat. The service is superb and that enhances the food selection even more.

    A few months ago I caught the red-eye from LAX to Fort Lauderdale (FLL) in Business/First and the flight attendant was quite blunt. She asked very sweetly if I would like something to drink and I settled on water. I told her that I would love a Bagel and some scrambled eggs for breakfast. Her response was: “You’ll be lucky if you get coffee.” That was for real. This was the second time on that DELTA flight AND THEY DIDN’T EVEN HAVE COFFEE ON BOARD.

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