200+ Passengers Get Stomach Virus During Royal Caribbean Cruise

Royal Caribbean
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Over 200 passengers on the Royal Caribbean cruise ship Independence of the Seas came down with stomach viruses during a five night cruise.

The ship departed Port Everglades, Florida on December 11 and was supposed to return to Ft. Lauderdale today, December 16.

ABC News wrote that, “Over the week, 220 cases of gastro-intestinal illness were reported.”

The ship was carrying 5,547 guests and crew, so that means that 4.86% of those onboard came down with the illness.

People who caught the stomach bug were treated by the Independence of the Sea’s doctors with over-the-counter medication.

Royal Caribbean says that the ship will a special cleaning before departing on its next voyage to limit risks of future illnesses onboard.

There is no mention about what caused the stomach illness and whether or not the cruise line offers any form of compensation for those affected. My guess is that Royal Caribbean does not take responsibility for causing the illness. (I’m not a fan of cruises and have only been on one so I’m certainly no expert on the topic.)

Find out more from ABC News here.

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