Airbnb Has A New Payment Option


Airbnb has been a great alternate option to traditional hotel stays. The site opens the doors to places to stay in good locations, typically at cheaper prices than hotels.

One of the unique things about some Airbnb stays is that you’re staying with locals. During our first Airbnb stay in Singapore, Kim, Lucas and I spent a night in a beautiful home. We enjoyed chatting with the host, even having breakfast with them.

It seems like Airbnb’s are changing. Rather than staying with a host who rents a spot in their home, many properties are run by management companies.

Imagine that one person, running 881 properties, made $15.6 million in a year!

Let’s say you’re traveling with a friend or with a group. You want to book an Airbnb, only wanting to pay for your share of the stay.

Airbnb is now offering a split payments option globally.

According to the Airbnb Newsroom, the site “is becoming the first accommodation provider to build and implement a seamless, global split payments feature to travelers around the world.”

The idea was tested for the past few months around the world.

The site is adding the feature to solve a problem many travelers face- not getting paid the money owed to them from a group trip.

What’s cool about the feature is that when the trip organizer requests a booking that has the split payment option, “the reservation is put in an “awaiting payment” state, with the organizer’s portion of the booking charged on their credit card while the host’s calendar is blocked.

The reservation can be held for up to 72 hours, giving the other trip participants time to log in and pay for their share of the stay.

What do you think of this new payment option? I think it’s a nice feature which can help groups both big and small pay for their portion of a stay.

Find out more about the new split payment option from Airbnb here.

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