3 Year-Old Is Only Survivor in Plane Crash

plane crash
image: wikicommons

There was a plane crash earlier in the week in eastern Russia and one little girl is very lucky to be alive.

The plane was flying from Khabarovsk to Nelkan when it crashed while attempting to land.

The 3 year-old girl was the only survivor from the plane, a L-410 twin-engine turboprop.  The plane “was owned by the regional carrier Khabarovsk Airlines“, according to T+L.

Besides the girl, there were two pilots and four other passengers onboard.

The girl, Zhasmina Leontyeva was flying by herself to visit her grandmother. She was found conscious with some injuries, a concussion and a fractured ankle.

The plane took offer after being delayed at the arrival airport. The plane crash is now being investigated to find out what caused the tragedy. T+L mentions that, “investigators are already looking at several potential causes including weather, crew error, or technical malfunctions.”

Although the plane crash had a tragic ending for 6 people, its certainly a miracle that the little girl survived.

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