Navy Pilots In Trouble For Skywriting Penis Over Washington State

Navy Pilots
image: Twitter @anahi_torres_

Skywriting is typically done as a form of advertising and maybe as a fun marriage proposal.

A couple of Navy pilots are in trouble for skywriting something that many would see as inappropriate. The pilots drew a penis in the sky.

The New York Post reported that, “Washington state residents who gazed upward Thursday during an F/A-18 Growler’s acrobatics got an eyeful from skywriting that appeared to display male genitalia.”

Wow, talk about two ballsy Navy pilots. (Or maybe they’re just artsy.)

The Naval Air Station Whidbey Island confirmed that the two- person crew in the jet was responsible for drawing the phallic symbol.

The Navy also apologized for what took place. They said the actions of the crew were “unacceptable and antithetical to Navy core values.”

The Navy pilots won’t be flying for now while the situation is investigated.

While some people weren’t happy with the actions of the pilots (the Post mentions a woman who said she was upset that she might have to explain what it was to her young children), others saw the humor in the skywriting.

How would you feel? I think that I’d laugh and snap a photo.

Find out more from the New York Post here.

2 thoughts on “Navy Pilots In Trouble For Skywriting Penis Over Washington State

  1. Yet another example of required “correctness”. It should have been viewed as a freedom of “imaginative artful expression”. ;<)

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