An Awesome Night of Pizza in NYC at Slice Out Hunger

slice out hungerA few days back, the Michael W Travels family attended New York City’s biggest pizza party.

The charity event, Slice Out Hunger took place in SoHo where $50,000 was raised for The Sylvia Center and City Harvest.

Just like the other three years we attended the event, we had a great time (and ate a lot of pizza)!

Here are some details about the event.

slice out hungerSlice Out Hunger attracts a massive crowd of people willing to wait hours to buy pizza for $1 per slice for a great cause. The doors officially open at 6:00 PM but you need to get on the line early or you might miss out.

Kim arrived with Theo a little after 4:00 and got a spot on the line not much further than in previous years.
slice out hungerLucas and I met Kim there a little after 5:00. While we still had some waiting to do before going inside, it was awesome that &pizza walked around outside, pizza-bombing the line. (Can’t say that I’ve heard of the term before.)

&pizza gave out samples of their tasty pizza, which I’ve wanted to try since they came to NY. After having a couple of samples, I can definitely say that I’d like to stop by to try more.
slice out hunger

Although we weren’t so far back in the line, we still didn’t get inside until around 7:00 PM. That’s a lot of waiting but (like I mentioned above) it’s for a good cause and many of the top area pizzerias are there selling $1 slices!

slice out hungerAs we slowly made our pass around the room, we saw many familiar favorites, including Rizzo’s which seems to always be great, even when its served cold.
slice out hungerRoberto Caporuscio of Keste Pizza, one of the top pizza makers in NYC was there helping to give out $1 slices. We also saw many other acclaimed pizzaiolos but it was just too busy to stop to chat and take photos.

a box of pizzas

In previous Slice Out Hunger events, we’ve labeled the slices so we’d know which slices we were eating later on. This year it was way too difficult to do so since we were attending with two kiddies.a box of pizzas

Regardless, some slices were easily recognizable and a few others that I’ve been wanting to try were put to the side so we knew (for sure) which they were.

a child eating a slice of pizza

Theo loved his first Slice Out Hunger and tried his fair share of pizza. I thought he might be too tired to eat but he was awake and very involved!

a man and child eating pizza

Some standout slices were from a trio of places that I’ve wanted to try for quite some time. We really enjoyed Scarr’s, Bruno and Sofia Pizza Shoppe. We also really enjoyed Emily (they’re always great). Kim really liked the slice from Goodfellas, which won best pizza a few years back. I wasn’t a hug fan of that one.

I asked the owners of Sofia if they had one of their $82 pizzas to try. (It’s really $38 and in limited quantities, available through a ticketing system.) They didn’t have one available at the event, but they were generous, giving Kim and I like 4-5 slices of plain and pepperoni pizza.

a woman standing next to a box of cookiesFor dessert, we picked up a couple of pack of Scotts Mom’s Cookies. Yum!

a man holding a child

And Theo loved the Strawberry + Hibiscus Tea ice pop from Brewla Bar. (So did I.) When Lucas took it from him for a taste, Theo wasn’t happy and started to cry. (Yes, he got over it.)a man holding a child and standing in front of a black and white banner

Overall, Slice Out Hunger 2017 was a really fun event. It seemed better organized than in previous years in terms of how quickly they were letting people inside. Once we were done collecting our pizza, there was a good amount of space to sit (on the floor) without feeling like others were on top of us. And even though the pizza isn’t hot, it’s still tasty!

Now if I’d only win one of the raffle prizes, it would make for an even more amazing event!

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