Eataly Plans To Open A Massive Food Theme Park

image: wikicommons

I first heard about Eataly, a huge Italian food market featuring various restaurants when it opened in NYC back in 2010.

Since then, Eataly has opened other New York locations, as well as others around the world. (The first location opened in Italy.)

Now the world’s largest Italian market has even bigger plans.

Fox News reports that Eataly, “is opening a 20 acre food theme park this November in the homeland – Bologna, Italy.”

I can’t say that I know what a food theme park is but the article mentions that the new location, called FICO Eataly World will be the world’s largest agri-food park.

The new location will have:

  • 40 restaurants and refreshment stations
  • 40 farming areas where visitors will be able to get a firsthand look at how farmers process each authentic product – meat, cheese, pasta, and other Italian foods like candies and olive oil.
  • 10 classrooms
  • Two miles of educational paths for those curious about agri-business. The park plans to host daily classes and annual events revolving around Italy’s unique regional biodiversity.

The park will allow people to get to really see and understand how some Italian foods are created “from harvest to noodle.”

FICO Eataly World will also have daily classes and annual events.

The park hopes to bring in 10 million visitors per year. 2,000 companies are helping to create the $106 million project!

With the park being so big, you can walk around or to save some energy, you can cruise around on a bike!

I was surprised to read that the cost to enter Eataly World is free but you have to wonder- how pricey will it be to dine at one of the restaurants?

FInd out more about FICO Eataly World from Fox News here.

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