Black Tomato Will Test Your Survival Skills For $30,000

black tomato
image: Black Tomato

Survival shows like Man vs Wild, Naked & Afraid, Survivorman and Survivor have been popular over the years.

The first three shows mentioned above show people trying to survive in remote places while Survivor is a competition with a big social twist.

If you’ve wanted to live out your survival fantasies, now you can with the company Black Tomato, but it will cost you.

Fodor’s reports that, “starting in late September, Black Tomato is offering tours where they’ll give you a bit of training and equipment and then drop you in the middle of nowhere for a trip of a lifetime.”

The most interesting part of the trips are that you won’t know where you’re going until you arrive! It appears that the only choices you’ll have will be picking the kind of climate that you’d like to be left in.

Survival trips with Black Tomato will run for 5-7 days where you’ll be on “survival mode” until you finish. You will have a nice celebration to look forward to upon completion.

All this for the price of $30,000!

Who’s in? I think I’ll pass although it might be fun to be on a season of Survivor.

Find out more from Fodor’s here.

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