What Anthony Bourdain Doesn’t Do On Vacation Might Surprise You

Anthony Bourdain
image: CNN

Anthony Bourdain might just have the coolest job in the world. He gets to travel to amazing places, exploring local food along the way.

When traveling and eating is your career, can going on vacation actually be fun? You might be surprised to find out about something Bourdain doesn’t do on vacation.

Anthony Bourdain is a chef and author, not just a big-time traveling TV star. Bourdain recently told T+L that, “it’s hard to tell the difference between traveling for work or for pleasure.”

During Bourdain’s travels as the star of Parts Unknown he’s always out and about, meeting people and visiting restaurants and local markets. Bourdain says that when he goes on vacation, “he behaves completely differently and actively seeks out solitude, anonymity, and a fixed location.”

And the biggest surprise about Bourdain’s travel habits, he says “I don’t go out to restaurants when I’m not working.” The only places he might go out to he likes to keep to himself and he would never put them on TV. Wow, talk about being selfish!

Anthony Bourdain wants to go on vacation to places where nobody knows who he is and he also likes to cook because it makes him happy.

Considering Anthony Bourdain is a chef I can’t say that it’s so surprising that he likes to cook while on vacation. What do you think?

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Don’t forget, season 10 of Parts Unknown kicks off on October 1 on CNN.

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