Japanese Store Muji Will Soon Be Opening Hotels

image: wikicommons

Japanese store Muji offers a wide variety of goods like stationery, household items, furniture, clothing and more.

Many items that Muji sells could appeal to travelers (luggage etc…), they even have locations in airports! Soon the company will be entering the hospitality business.

Muji will open their first hotel in Shenzen, China this year. The hotel “will have 79 rooms finished with recycled wood and outfitted with Muji furniture and accessories“, according to Curbed. Based on a photo of a room model shared by Curbed, I’d definitely say that the hotel looke very nice.

The company is also planning to opening a hotel in Japan in Tokyo’s Ginza District. The hotel will be part of a flagship store, taking up the 7th through 10th floors as well as part of the 6th floor.

It wasn’t mentioned and I am curious to find out what price point a room at one of the hotels will cost?

Would you be interested in staying at one of Muji’s hotels? I would!

Find out more from Curbed here.

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