Quack Quack- Service Ducks On A Plane! Yes Really…

quack quack
image: Instagram @TSA

It seems like anything goes these days when it comes to service animals flying on planes.

Last summer an emotional support marmoset was loose on a plane. An emotional support pig was kicked off of a US Airways flight a few years back. There has been other odd support animals on planes over the years like turkeys and miniature horses!

As some of you may have know, the TSA has one of the most entertaining Instagram accounts. They usually post odd items discovered at security screenings. (Recently, they found a humongous 20 pound lobster in a bag!)

Back to the subject of service animals…

The TSA had a post which will have you saying Quack Quack!

A traveler was photographed going through security with her service duck! This had me saying what the quack quack! (Or what kind of support could a duck possibly provide a person.)

According to the Instagram post, “officers at Charleston (CHS) were overheard saying that this duck was pretty chill. Not lame at all…

So are service ducks allowed to fly? The TSA says to “please contact your airline about their policies on service animals prior to arriving at the airport.”

What’s the strangest service animal that you’ve heard of?

Check out the TSA’s Instagram post here.

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