Man Leaps To Death Inside Marriott Marquis in Times Square

marriott marquis
image: wikicommons

Tragedy struck at the Marriott Marquis Hotel in New York City’s Times Square on Thursday.

Gothamist reports that, “A person dining at the Marriott Marquis said, “I was eating in the restaurant with my family when I heard screams and a loud thump.”

Joseph Seminara was visiting New York and was seen “climbing over a glass barrier to an elevator shaft” at the hotel. The 28 year-old was found at the bottom of the eighth floor elevator shaft a little before 4:00 PM and pronounced dead at the scene.

Gothamist mentions that “glass elevators ascend through the hotel’s soaring atrium from the main 8th floor lobby to the 48th floor.”

Based on the info, it’s probably safe to say that Seminara committed suicide. Sad…

Find out more from Gothamist here.

5 thoughts on “Man Leaps To Death Inside Marriott Marquis in Times Square

      1. Consider how tragic it is for the family he left behind before writing such a cold hearted response. He fought demons for years and the demons won now we are left with broken hearts.

        1. Yes he did. I’ve known him since I was 6 years old from kindergarten thru high school we were classmates. He was a first class person with a first class personality. I’m sad to have just learned about this talking to former classmates over the holiday break. RIP Joey

  1. Given the circumstances, I’m not sure how you would call this a “tragedy”. He chose to take his own life…he wasn’t murdered or died in any kind of accident.

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