This Baby Will Fly For FREE For Life!

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image: @JetAirways Twitter

Here’s a great way to get free flights for life, kind of…

A woman went into early labor during a flight and gave birth to a baby boy. The baby will now have the opportunity to be well-traveled thanks to the generosity of the airline!

The woman was on a Jet Airways flight from Saudi Arabia to Kochi, India. The plane was diverted to Mumbai. The mother and baby were then taken to the hospital where they are both doing well.

It was a team effort to deliver the baby. Some of the flight crew and a passenger who is a trained paramedic got the job done.

The nationality of the baby wasn’t mentioned and I am curious to hear how citizenship is determined. My guess is that the baby is considered a citizen of the country the parents are from.

CNNMoney mentions that “Inflight births are rare but not unheard of. They result in an unusual line in the person’s passport that says “holder born on an aeroplane.”

Being born on a plane doesn’t guarantee free flights for life. CNNMoney says “around half a dozen” airlines do. Others might give a gift of miles or flights until a certain age.

Find out more from CNNMoney here.

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