Woman Raped at Massage Parlor at Boston’s Logan Airport

Logan Airport
image: google maps

Most of us would assume that airports are generally a safe place with all of the security measures in place.

A woman was allegedly raped at a massage parlor at Boston’s Logan Airport by an employee before her flight over the weekend.

The 25 year-old woman stopped in the Be Relax Massage Studio at Terminal B and was taken to a back room. She was raped a little over half way through her massage while laying face-down.

The New York Post reports that “the woman immediately asked Williams to stop, but he continued to touch her inappropriately before leaving the room.” The article also mentions that she left the massage parlor in a “distraught state and became physically ill in the airport.”


The woman told a relative what happened and then contacted the Massachusetts State Police. They figured out that Darnell E. Williams was working at the time. He also matched the woman’s description.

Williams was interviewed by investigators yesterday and charged with rape.

Fid out more from the NY Post here.

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