Woman Deservedly Receives Lifetime Ban from Uber


Uber changed the game in a big way for those who are looking for a potentially better option than a traditional taxi.

The company offers competitive prices but has had some trouble recently. For instance, an executive stepped down due to sexual contact with an employeeCEO Travis Kalanick was also caught on camera verbally abusing a driver.

So how did one passenger get a lifetime ban?

An Uber passenger was caught on video cursing, lying and harassing an Uber driver. She  also made some pretty damaging claims but luckily it was caught on tape.

The woman threatened to say that the driver raped her. When Uber saw the video which had gone viral, she received a lifetime ban from the rideshare service.

The situation took place in the Bronx. The threats started coming when the woman was told by the driver that he didn’t have a phone charger to lend her.

Gothamist reports that “the passenger claims the driver hit her in the face; she threatens to call the police and falsely accuse him of rape; she tries to damage his car, and she tells him, “Donald Trump going to send you and your family back [to your country].”

For us there have been a few situations where Uber has shown great customer service. I’m glad that they also support their drivers and came down hard on this lying passenger with a lifetime ban. I guess she could always try to catch a ride with Lyft or Juno.

Find out more and check out the video on Gothamist here.

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2 thoughts on “Woman Deservedly Receives Lifetime Ban from Uber

    1. She could maybe do a different phone number and credit card, and she could switch to Lyft. But she’ll likely tone it down if she does.

      Uber could still identify her by her name and address on a new account, or develop systems to recognize people’s movement patterns so that she wouldn’t be able to call from her home anymore with her name.

      Lyft has more pictures of users so it could develop systems to reject them just from that.

      It’s likely she’s going to end up having to use someone else’s account.

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