Wife of Merrell Boots Founder Missing in Grand Canyon National Park

image: Twitter

The wife of the founder of Merrell Boots has gone missing in Grand Canyon National Park.

Lou-Anne Merrell was on a family trip when she “fell in the rushing water”, according to Yahoo by a remote creek. Her step-grandson, Jackson Standefer is also missing.

The family is hoping that the two can still be found alive, thanks in part to Merrell’s hiking and survival skills. The family is also familiar with the area and it’s possible that the two “found shelter in a cave.”

Another family member mentions how she is an experienced backpacker . She was quoted as saying,“If they can get to a spot where they cannot be in the water and stay warm, she’s got the skills needed to get them through it. The odds aren’t great. But given their skills and knowledge of the area, that will probably lead to the best possible outcome.”

Merrell and Standefer’s backpacks were found so they assume the two were able to get them off. However, this means if they did survive the rough water they’d now be trying to survive without their gear.

A search has been ongoing with ground teams, boats, helicopters and drones.

The Merrell boot company is now owned by Wolverine Worldwide who is also offering support in the rescue by “providing  climbers and rescuers,” according to ABC.

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