Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown New Season Debuts Sunday, April 30!

Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown

A couple of weeks back I wrote how a new Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown website recently debuted.

And while there hasn’t been any positive news regarding the opening of the chef and traveler’s upcoming NYC marketthe popular Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown television series new season will soon kick off!

Season nine debut will air on CNN on April 30 at 9:00 PM.

The biggest thing I wonder about each season of Parts Unknown is always where will Anthony Bourdain go and have I been there?

The season will have 8 episodes. Bourdain will travel to:

  1. Los Angeles, airdate: April 30
  2. San Sebastian (Spain), airdate: May 7
  3. Laos, airdate: May 14
  4. Queens (NY), airdate: May 21
  5. Antarctica, airdate: June 4
  6. Oman, airdate: June 11
  7. Trinidad, airdate: June 18
  8. Porto (Portugal), airdate: June 25

I’ve been to LA, Queens (we live in Brooklyn, NY), Oman and Trinidad. I’m most interested in seeing the Laos, Antarctica and Queens episodes.

I’ve wanted to visit Laos for quite some time. I’m definitely interested in seeing a closer look at the country as well as some of the culinary highlights. Antarctica is another place I’d love to go. The problem is that I suffer greatly from seasickness. I hope to one day get to fly to the continent. I’m also curious to see what kind of food Bourdain discovers during his time there. As for Queens, we live close by and go there frequently. Maybe I’ll pick up some ideas of where to dine in the borough in the future!

Which episode of Anthony Bourdain Parts Unknown are you most interesting in watching this season?

Find out more from CNN here.

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