Family Gets $11,000 From Delta Airlines For Giving Up Seats

Delta Airlines
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Some of us might not want to volunteer to give up our seats on a flight but one family made a small fortune doing so.

The family was supposed to fly from New York’s LaGuardia Airport to Florida with Delta Airlines last week when storm delays caused the airline to offer money to those volunteering to be bumped. 

The family of three was supposed to visit relatives when $900 in gift cards per passenger was offered by the airline to give up their seats. They felt that the offer wasn’t worth it to miss their trip but they talked to Delta Airlines about another offer. In the end they agreed to $1,350 in cash per person, that’s $4,050 to miss a flight to Florida! Wow!

They were also offered a hotel close by as well as dinner which they took a pass on since they live close to the airport.

The next day flights were delayed again and the airline was looking for passengers to give up their seats. This time they took $1,300 per person, also getting $15 each for lunch as well as round- trip taxi fare worth around $50.

After voluntarily getting bumped two times the family had been compensated around $8,050!

Once they found out that Delta was overbooked for a couple of more days, the family decided to cancel their trip.

The family mentioned to the gate agent that they would be interested in volunteering their seats again and canceling their flight- the family was given an additional $1,000 per person.

In the end, the family received around $11,000 in compensation from Delta Airlines.

I don’t know about you but if I was offered that kind of cash, I’d definitely be open to giving up my seat! Would you?

Find out more from the New York Post here.

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