Drug Smuggler Tries To Sneak Into US As Delta Pilot

drug smuggler
image: wikicommons

A drug smuggler tried to sneak into the US posing as a Delta Airlines pilot at the end of March.

The man was flying from Kingston, Jamaica to New York when his cover was blown.

Mario Hudson, a Jamaican citizen was dressed in what looked like a pilot uniform and said he was a “dead-heading crewmember, an employee who flies as a passenger from one airport to another where they intend to work a flight“, according to Yahoo News.

Customs and Border Patrol agents noticed that Hudson had fake Delta ID badges. While examining his luggage, the officers also saw that the sides and bottom of the bag were overly thick and heavy.

Hudson was brought to a private search room where the officers found five pounds of cocaine. The drugs have a street value of around $85,000.

After the find, Hudson was arrested and he now faces federal smuggling charges.

Talk about a creative way to try to sneak drugs into the country. I just wonder how his bag got past screening machines in Jamaica in the first place.

Find out more from Yahoo News here.

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