Uncontrollable Crying Baby, Flight Attendant To The Rescue!

flight attendant
image: wikicommons

There’s been much debate about kids flying on planes.

Should there be family sections? Should kids be banned from premium cabins? Are parents doing enough to stop that kid from kicking the seat? Are parents trying there best to stop a baby from crying?

Sometimes a parent can try as hard as possible, but they just can’t get their baby to stop crying. 

One flight attendant came to the rescue recently on a Southwest Airlines flight.

One mom was traveling alone with her two young daughters. All of a sudden the baby had a “very loud crying fit,” according to Popsugar. A passenger seated close by said the mom tried but couldn’t calm the baby down.

A Southwest flight attendant then came over to the family and asked for them to come to the back of the plane. Was the family in some kind of trouble??? No! The FA came to help out.

The flight attendant blew bubbles for the baby until she stopped crying. He also was seen handing the mom tissues since she was also crying from the situation.

It’s nice to hear about these kind of stories rather than the ones where a family is kicked off of a flight due to a crying baby.

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