Air India To Fine Disruptive Passengers Who Cause Flight Delays

Air India
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Passengers have caused flight days with many forms of disruptive behavior. Most of them will hopefully get removed from the flights but what other consequences might they face?

One airline has a plan. You might want to think twice before causing any problems which might lead to a flight delay on Air India.

T+L reports that “Air India announced this week that it will start fining unruly passengers who delay flights when they refuse to comply with protocol or act out.”

Air India is letting you know in advance what the fine will be if you cause delays.

Here are the costs for delaying a flight:

  • One hour, the passenger will pay $7,750
  • Two hours, the passenger will pay $15,500
  • More than two hours, the passenger will pay $23,260

While it sounds like the fines are based on the time of delay, Air India claims that the fines are “a symbolic amount,” according to the Times of India. The airline also says that the fines don’t have to do with any damages or potential loss in revenue.

T+L mentions how Air India was “named the third-worst airline for its on-time performance.” The airline thinks that they figured out the problem- unruly passengers. Maybe the threat of a fine will make passengers think twice before acting out while onboard.

I’m just curious if an airline has the legal right to fine a passenger for causing a delay? And if they do, might other airlines follow their lead and do the same!

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