Wake from Airbus A380 Flips Private Jet

Airbus A380
image: wikicommons

I’ve experienced the force from a boat’s wake while riding on a jet ski but I’ve never thought about a plane causing a wake and just how dangerous it could be.

The wake from an Airbus A380 caused turbulence which made a private jet  flip over in midair and plunge 10,000 feet, according to NBC News.

The small jet, a Bombardier Challenger 604 “rolled three times and was thrown around by such strong G-forces that it was damaged beyond repair,” according to NBC.

A few of the passengers were taken to the hospital, with one suffering very serious injuries. The plane made an emergency landing in Muscat, Oman. The incident took place back on January 7.

A scary thing about wake turbulence from a plane is that pilots can not see it and it also can’t be detected by radar.

The Bombardier jet was bringing passengers from the Maldives back to Berlin. It was flying over the Arabian Sea, passing 1,000 feet under the Airbus A380.

Talk about a freak accident…

Find out more from NBC News here.

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