Toronto School Board Won’t Allow New Trips to US

Toronto School Board
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The Toronto School Board, the largest of its kind in Canada won’t be allowing any new trips to be planned to the United States for an interesting reason.

NBC News reports that the reason for the Toronto School Board doing this is due “to uncertainty surrounding President Donald Trump’s latest travel restrictions“.

John Malloy, the director of education doesn’t want some students to be faced with potentially being turned away at the border.

NBC News mentions that the Toronto School Board is one of the most diverse in Canada. It has 584 schools with 246,000 students attending around the city.

Trips which have already been planned will still go forward while Trump’s executive order is suspended but if the order is put back into effect then those trips would then be cancelled.

Malloy went on to further say that if any student on a trip was denied entry into the US for no legit reason, the whole group would return to Toronto instead of continuing with the visit.

The Girl Guides of Canada, the county’s version of the Girl Scouts has already suspended all trips to the US since they felt all members would not be able to enter the country.

Find out more from NBC News here.

5 thoughts on “Toronto School Board Won’t Allow New Trips to US

  1. Andy- Done with what? The US? I didn’t know that we could give our passports back and choose another so easily. Good luck with being accepted in Europe. I don’t believe it’s as simple as you make it sound.

    JohnJ- Thanks for the rational comment. Much appreciated!

    GUWonder- Good points and that could be… As for school trips- those with proper documentation should be allowed in- I have no problem with that. The US, trying to secure the borders doesn’t seem so outrageous though.

  2. School trips paid for out of the public school budget should be inclusive regardless of the citizenship history of the children, and so I completely understand and respect the school decisions to skip out on dealing with cross-border trips.

    As someone who has lived in border states where cross-border school trips were part of my educational upbringing, I would have preferred it if the federal governments hadn’t become such big pains when it comes to school trips; but unfortunately the government and those paranoid about “foreigners” have gotten their way for quite some time and this is just another form of collateral damage arising from those “‘strong’ borders” types.

  3. I don’t blame them.

    I am a US citizen married to a Mexican/ US citizen and we are done. I have no idea what will happen when we travel and come back.

    Hence… giving our passports back and headed to Europe. Where we are welcome.

    A sad time in history. Thanks Trump voters. Oh… we won’t let the door hit us in the ass, thanks for your concern you _____________. (edited due to inappropriate language)

    1. “…… giving our passports back and headed to Europe.”

      How do you propose to give your passports back and enter Europe without any passports? Are you planning on using the terrorist ploy and declare your Mexican/American husband/wife and yourself as refugees? Your rantings sound like so much of what’s going around lately, sour grapes. Please, get over it. She lost and it’s time to unite and move on ——-

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