Snakes On A Plane (In Alaska!)

snakes on a plane
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Back in November I wrote about Snakes On A Plane Aeromexico style.

My guess is that spotting a snake loose on a plane has got to be a scary situation and while I’ve never seen the movie Snakes On A Plane, it’s now happened at least twice in real life!

A young boy made an odd and scary discovery on a flight with Ravn Alaska. A passenger on a previous flight forgot their pet snake on the plane.

The snake was sleeping and partially covered by a bag. The snake was around 4-5 feet long and the crew took action to avoid any major commotion during the flight.

Yahoo reports that “rather than rattling passengers, the snoozing reptile generated intrigue, with most people wanting to see the creature – which was not poisonous – rather than flee from it“. (I’d probably want to see it too, but at a distance.)

The pilot and flight attendant then discussed the best way to handle the situation. The pilot offered to hold the bag while the FA grabbed the snake! The FA grabbed the snake by the tummy and dropped it into a garbage bag which was then put in an overhead compartment.

The flight ended up reaching its destination Anchorage on time!

The owner did not book the snake a ticket to come onboard but he did report it missing when he arrived at his destination.

It is not known whether or not the snake’s owner will face charges.

Find out more from Yahoo News here.

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