Lawyer Up! My Fight Against Explore Trip for Theo’s Lap Baby Ticket

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At the beginning of March I wrote about how Theo’s coach lap baby ticket to Ireland cost $350+. (Check out my Ireland trip planning post here.)

Had OTA Explore Trip called British Airways to book Theo’s lap baby ticket on one of the occasions that I called, the taxes/ fees would’ve been a lot cheaper.

Not only did Explore Trip cost us money, they also caused lots of headaches at every airport we flew through. Checking in took extended amounts of time and for our final flight home we were one of the last to board.

When I was told the cost of Theo’s ticket at JFK Airport I was definitely pissed off. However, you can’t let something like this mess up your trip. I figured once we got home, I’d come up with a plan.

I decided to ask my friend and fellow BoardingArea blogger, Alexander Bachuwa his thoughts on my situation.

Besides blogging at The Points of Life, he’s a New York attorney who focuses on consumer and international dispute resolution. Alexander also writes Frequent Miler’s Fine Print and has posted on The Points Guy.

After explaining the situation, Alex felt that I had a case. It was tough to assign a value as to what I’d be asking for since I do not know what Theo’s lap baby ticket should’ve cost. I also don’t know if headaches caused by Explore Trip have any value.

What I do know is that Explore Trip should be held accountable in some way for not doing their job by refusing to call British Airways to book the lap baby ticket.

I sent Alex all of the details of our booking as well as the cost associated with Theo’s ticket. He then went ahead and sent an intent to file a claim to Explore Trip.

So that’s where we’re at. I don’t really know how this will go or end, but I’ll definitely keep you updated when I have more info to share.

If you have a legal matter related to travel or credit cards that you might have a claim for, check out Alexander’s website

10 thoughts on “Lawyer Up! My Fight Against Explore Trip for Theo’s Lap Baby Ticket

  1. I’ll never understand when consumers are blamed for the misdeeds of a company. Entitled? Yes, I agree he is entitled to his money back.

    @Dom there’s nothing in the intent letter besides ‘I intend to file arbitration for this matter’. What is interesting (and potentially problematic) is that Explore Trip is based out of India with its American HQ in Maine. Its arbitration clause says nothing about where to file, how to file, or what rules will be used. It actually says that parties should try mediation first but does not give the specifics.

  2. Dom- I’m not sure the claim itself really adds anything to this post.

    Tim- Hopefully it will considering Explore Trip would not help me the times I called and asked for them to book the lap baby ticket.

    The Eskimo- Please do explain how it was my fault? I called Explore Trip multiple times and they refused to book the lap ticket or call the airline if they needed help to book it. Entitled? What does this have to do with writing a travel blog? If I didn’t write a blog, I’d still seek out help to hold Explore Trip accountable for not doing their job.

    henry LAX- I hear ya but I tried booking it before and Explore Trip was of no help. British Airways told me that the OTA could book it and if they had any problems to call in. Explore Trip refused and told me it was no problem to add the lap ticket at the airport. Well the rep who told me the taxes were based on that day’s price told me it would’ve been a lot cheaper if done in advance.

  3. do the math – if the “hypothetical” ticket cost is $2000 as cited by the rep, the federal excise tax alone is $150, plus many more others. I’m not sure if it applies or not, but if it does, then the $350 isn’t overly far-fetched.

    Is it fair ? most likely not. Is it *un-just* ? Can’t say so, because there’s zero rule that requires infant-on-lap to be calculated against the lowest available adult rate.

    Same thing with ID90, which is calculated frequently against the equivalent of full-fare, so the actual savings aren’t really all that.

  4. This is so stupid. Getting a lawyer involved over $350 when it was 100% your fault to begin with.

    Lol, it is clear that travel bloggers have become the most entitled people around.

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