Trouble Enrolling In Flex Payment 10,000 Bonus American Express Points Offer

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The primary way most of us earn miles and points is through credit card sign up bonus offers. Each year I’m finding it harder and harder to find new cards to apply for.

Some obstacles that get in the way are things like the Chase 5/24 rule and other banks which allow one bonus per card. Basically, if you get lots of cards each year, good luck getting Chase cards and if you’ve had some cards from select banks, you won’t be able to get the bonus over and over again.

Last year I was approved for the American Express Platinum Mercedes Benz card. The card came with a bonus of 75,000 American Express points.

I also had a Platinum card a few years back where I earned 100,000 bonus Amex points.

Yesterday, I was happy to receive an e-mail from Amex offering me 10,000 free American Express points. All I had to do was to enroll in the Extended Payment Option.

I had the offer on my first Platinum card and Kim received it last year. Each time it was a no- brainer to enroll in this offer. There’s really nothing to lose.

In the e-mail, Amex wrote that “Because you recently used your Platinum Mercedes Benz Card to book an upcoming trip, we thought you’d appreciate having payment choices for this purchase and others. As a valued Card Member, you are invited to enroll in the Extended Payment Option1, which gives you the flexibility to carry a balance with interest or pay in full each month.”

Well I like to pay bills in full each month, but I am happy to accept 10,000 bonus points for enrolling in this flexible payment option. There’s no fee so there’s really nothing to lose.

With the offer, I need to enroll by 5/13/17.

I clicked the link in my e-mail and was brought to a page with the offer. However, I didn’t see a button to click to enroll.

I went on the Amex live chat and was told: “we have an intermittent ongoing issue for the pay over time enrollment. But do not worry, the best part is, you will see a number to call for enrolling in the benefit. Yes you can call the number who can enroll the offer for you to receive the benefit”.

I found the phone number and offer code in the e-mail to call and was connected right away. When I told the rep about the offer, I was told the Flexible Payment Option offers were sent out prematurely.

He checked to see if I could be enrolled right away and was able to get it done!

While I would’ve preferred a quick online enrollment, a live chat and 7 minute phone call got me enrolled. (Not too bad for 10,000 American Express points!)

If you were targeted by Amex for this offer and are having trouble enrolling, just call 1-866-280-4438 with the your offer code ready.

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