Enter to Win A Lufthansa First Class Duck!

Lufthansa First Class

Each week the Lufthansa First Class Terminal runs a contest through Twitter where one lucky winner wins a highly sought after prize.

Many of you know that Lufthansa Ducks are a highly sought after souvenir. They’re a bit hard to get as they’re only available at the First Class Lounge & Terminal. Many collect them and even pay big money for them on sites like ebay. Friend and fellow BoardingArea blogger Lufthansa Flyer has an extensive Duck Gallery on his site.

Over the past few years I was lucky to win a Lufthansa First Class Duck a couple of times:

Since my last win, I’ve enter the Lufthansa Twitter contests without success.

Here is the latest contest being ran by the Lufthansa FCT on Twitter.

How to Enter:

  • Follow @Lufthansa _FCT on Twitter
  • Answer the question by tweeting the FCT: Can you guess how many kilograms of wasabi nuts are served at the FCT each year?
  • Include the hashtags #FCTduck and #FCTfacts with your tweet

Enter by 2/22/17 for a chance to win.

Do you collect Lufthansa First Class Ducks?

Click here for a chance to win a Lufthansa FCT Duck.

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