American Airlines Plane Hits Deer, Makes Emergency Landing

american airlines

From smartphones to  severe turbulence to bird strikes, planes can make an emergency landing for a wide variety of reasons.

A couple of days back an American Airlines plane had to make an emergency landing due to a deer. Yes a deer…

The American Airlines plane was on the runway at Charlotte Douglas International Airport when it struck a deer causing fuel to start leaking. Due to this, the plane had to make an emergency landing.

Business Insider reports that “American Airlines confirmed the report, stating that the flight immediately landed so the 44 passengers and 4 crew members could evacuate safely. The passengers deplaned on the runway and were taken back to the terminal while fire trucks hosed the plane down“.

The runway was closed while it was cleaned up but reopened by around 2 pm. My guess is that the cleanup was of the poor deer who was hit by the plane….

Find out more from Business Insider here.

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