Hooters Opens Fast-Casual Restaurant Minus Revealing Clothes

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Some people might love the wings and other food served at Hooters. However, maybe they don’t want to see women forced to wear skimpy outfits as they do their job.

To help solve this problem, the chain is opening a new fast-casual concept.

The new restaurant, called Hoots will offer the famous Hooters wings and other items on an “abbreviated one-page menu“, according to Grub Street.

The article mentions how the “breastaurant” Hooters will not only have female servers at Hoots. The new place will have both men and women serving customers and they wont be wearing revealing clothing.

The first location of Hoots opened in Cicero, Illinois yesterday, February 13. Located just outside Chicago, customers actually order at the counter from the male and female staff.

For now the first Hoots is a test. Will it become a popular chain? Who knows….

Find out more from the Chicago Tribune here.

6 thoughts on “Hooters Opens Fast-Casual Restaurant Minus Revealing Clothes

  1. Very mediocre food last time we ate there last summer. They will have to give some great promotions to get me to try them again. Used to be good food, not gourmet, but fresh and tasty.

  2. Peter Irrc- You’re probably right…

    DaninMCI- I haven’t had it in years. From what I recall, I didn’t feel well after the last time…

    Steve- Not nice…

    AdamR- Interesting take. Guess we’ll see or never hear much about Hoots again.

  3. I think they could actually do alright and very possibly thrive. It sounds like they’re aiming for a better-than-McDonald’s-but-not-full-sit-down option in the quick/fast food realm. They have a very select menu of wings and other buffalo sauce-laden items, and they do that well. While the food isn’t a culinary delight by any stretch of the imagination, their target audience isn’t foodies anyway and the food is probably of the same calibre as TGIFridays or Chili’s, which are both doing very well.

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