Barack Obama Vacationed at Richard Branson’s Necker Island

barack obama
image: wikicommons

Barack Obama has been out of the president’s office for just two weeks and he’s definitely been living it up.

The former president was recently seen on vacation at Richard Branson’s pricey private island, Necker Island.

According to the IB Times, Barack Obama “was seen dressed all in black, sporting shades, flip-flops and a cap on backwards.” Some photos in the article show the former president spending some time with Branson.

Obama visited Necker Island, which is located in the British Virgin Islands with his wife Michelle. IB Times mentions that stays cost £37,500 per night (close to $47,000 US).

As the former president walked around Necker Island, he could be seen waving to others passing by. Some of the visit was caught on video.

Necker Island is part of Richard Branson’s Virgin Limited Edition, find out more here.

FYI- While I haven’t had the chance to visit Necker Island (it’s not likely that I ever will), I did have an unlikely encounter with Richard Branson a few years back. 🙂

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