You’ll Soon Be Able To Order From A Pizza ATM

pizza atm
This pizza is not from a Pizza ATM

Pizza definitely ranks up there as one of my two favorite foods. (It’s really tough to decide whether or not I like pizza or burgers better, so let’s call it a tie.)

When we travel around the U.S., I try to find the best pizza that I can in the area. (During a quick trip to Boston, I dined at the legendary Santarpio’s.)

A new kind of pizza option could be making it’s way around the country soon. Would you dine at a Pizza ATM?

Grub Street writes how “French company Paline debuted its self-serve Pizza ATM at Xavier University back in August, and since then the company says that businesses and colleges located in 20 states and Canada have inquired about getting their own“.

In 2012, Grub Street first mentioned how pizza vending machines could be coming to the US. Now it looks like there’s a chance these Pizza ATM machines might end up all around the country!

(The machines are ready to ship but those who purchase one will be required by Paline to visit the Pizza Chef School at Xavier for training.)

I’d definitely try out a pie from a Pizza ATM.

Here is how the machine works:

A refrigerated area of the machine stores pizza dough which has been fermented for two days, par baked along with eight topping options. You place your order by touchscreen. Once this is done, the machine moves your pizza to a convection oven and when it’s finished the pie gets placed in a box. The whole process takes around three minutes.

Pretty cool if you ask me, I just wonder if it tastes like Ellio’s or fresh pizza from a pizzeria!

Would you be interested in trying a pie from a Pizza ATM?

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2 thoughts on “You’ll Soon Be Able To Order From A Pizza ATM

  1. Dan- Great question and I totally hear ya. The info I took from Grub Street, was that the machines are called “Pizza ATM”. No sensationalism here, I didn’t make it up. If I was them, I’d dub it the APM…

  2. Why is it a Pizza “ATM” any more than a soda or snack vending machine is a “Soda ATM”?
    Not trying to dump on your post but I just don’t like the “ATM” nomenclature being used. It just screams sensationalism and trying to hard to be unique.
    It’s just a vending machine. We’ve seen French fry machines and book publishing machines.
    Japan has vending machines for everything from fresh flowers to bras.

    Yes, it’s cool but it’s not an ATM.


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