Did Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Take An Unethical Trip?

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It’s probably safe to say that everybody reading Michael W Travels and BoardingArea enjoys a good deal (and a free or deep discount trip)!

The question is, when is a travel benefit not acceptable?

According to T+L, a recent trip by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to the Bahamas,  is being reviewed by the federal ethics commission to see if it “requires a full ethics investigation“. 

During the trip, Justin Trudeau stayed on the private island of billionaire, Aga Khan, the spiritual leader of Ismaili Muslims. The commission wants to see if the trip violated the country’s conflict of interest laws.

Aga Khan is actually a family friend of the Trudeau family. He even served as a pallbearer at Justin Trudeau’s fathers funeral. (Former Prime Minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau.)

The only way onto the island is by Khan’s helicopter. Trudeau and family flew in it to join Khan for a post-Christmas visit. T+L mentions how “public servants are not supposed to  accept chartered private aircraft and must reimburse the equivalent cost“.

Trudeau already reimbursed the Canadian government for using the Challenger aircraft to get to Nassau but this doesn’t cover the helicopter ride in question.

The Prime Minister claims that he did nothing wrong.

Based on the info I read about the case, I’d agree that Justin Trudeau did nothing wrong. I feel this way based on his family’s relationship with Aga Khan.

Either way, even if Trudeau is found guilty, there isn’t any penalty.

Find out more from T+L here.

7 thoughts on “Did Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau Take An Unethical Trip?

  1. One of the important elements in determining ethical issue is whether the PM did make priot discloure to the Ethics Commissioner Office his private trip with the use of Government aircraft, and also accepting a private flight to the island. I believe/think prior disclouse is required.

  2. iv- I’d think the personal relationship wold make it acceptable but when you take a high position in government, it seems like the rules change.

    AJ- We’ll see what the investigation’s findings are…

    Grammar Geek- Typo fixed. Thanks!

    CMP- That is definitely an important piece of info which I did not read about.

  3. An important piece of information that you failed to provide is that the family friend’s charity is a registered lobby group that received tens of millions of dollars from the Canadian government.

  4. Of course it’s conflict of interest! Hanging out a multi-billionaire’s private island who has strong family ties. But once again, since when did Canada become a democracy. It’s always been a quasi-monarchy. PM should apologize and vow to never do it again.

  5. Trudeau did nothing wrong. It is a known fact that his family has called Aga Khan a friend for a very long time. As you mentioned, the only way to get to the island from the main airport is by private transport.

    The only people complaining are the Conservatives aka Trumpanzees of Canada… Some people are happy being miserable.

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