San Francisco Airport Has A Therapy Pig!

San Francisco AirportThe first time I heard about a service pig was when one such animal was kicked off of a US Airways flight a couple of years back.

It seems like there’s more and more service animals being brought on planes these days. I tend to wonder if the animals are legitimate service animals or people just claim they are to save the costs of paying a fee for their pet to fly!

Kim sent me an article yesterday about a new therapy animal at San Francisco Airport who is helping people fly!

The airport has “the first know airport therapy pig in the U.S.“, according to San Francisco Airport in the article from ABC News. The first thing I wondered was if the airport really thought anyone would be surprised that they would be the first to have such a pig…

Earlier in the week LiLou, a Julian-breed pig joined the airport’s Wag Brigade (SFO’s team of trained animals). The job of the animals is “to make passengers travel more enjoyable“.

The animals on the Wag Brigade even have uniforms. They wear vests that say Pet Me!

While a therapy pig does sound a bit ridiculous, I can’t say that I wouldn’t love to see one at an airport! I think that Lucas would also be beyond surprised and love to interact with one! This could definitely be a fun way to kill a few minutes while waiting for a flight!

What do you think about the San Francisco service pig- great idea or strange gimmick?

Find out more from ABC News here.

2 thoughts on “San Francisco Airport Has A Therapy Pig!

  1. Hey, if you can have a “service/emotional support animal” fly for free, I might start declaring the better half as my “service/emotional support PERSON” and expect to receive all the relevant benefits of the “service/support” designation! Might even work great for seats on flights that aren’t 100% full. Why parents could even be declared “service/emotional support providers” for their children on flights. When will it end?

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