Earn 5X Miles and Points on Delta Airlines

delta airlines

While I don’t do much manufactured spending at this point, I do make somewhat frequent visits to Staples to use my Chase Ink Business Bold card to earn 5X points for various purchases.

Some of my favorite gift cards to purchase are Whole Foods, Amazon and Target. I also buy Shell Gas which allows me to earn 5X points plus I get to pay the cash price for gas.

A few months back I came across an option related to travel- Airbnb gift cards at Staples.

Yesterday I made a trip over to my local Staples to drop off a couple of boxes to UPS and to stock up on some gift cards. (It was impressive that they actually had all of the cards I was looking for!)

Another gift card option also caught my eye…

delta airlines 2

Right next to the Airbnb gift cards I saw a stack of Delta Airlines $100 gift cards!

While I can’t recall the last time I purchased a flight with Delta, this could certainly be a great way to earn 5X miles & points in the future if I need to.

(FYI- The $100 amount was the only option of the Delta Airlines cards that I saw.)

If you need to purchase a flight on Delta in the future, it might pay to head over to Staples to earn some bonus points if you have the Chase Ink card.

Do you purchase gift cards at Staples? If so, which ones do you most often buy?

3 thoughts on “Earn 5X Miles and Points on Delta Airlines

  1. No 3+ non FC form of payment. Glad to see them in more places for bonus. Seen $50 & $100 at various grocers.

  2. Keep in mind any restrictions on the amount of gift cards that you can use for a single flight/itinerary. I think it’s 4 GCs per transaction….but definitely something to keep in mind.

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