Passengers Harass Ivanka Trump Before JetBlue Flight, Kicked Off

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Ivanka Trump, husband Jared Kushner and their kids were waiting to take off on a flight on JetBlue when they got verbally harassed by another passenger.

The plane was getting set to fly from New York’s JFK Airport to Hawaii when the situation took place.

Attorney Dan Goldstein “howled your father is ruining the country,” according to the New York Daily News. The News reports the confrontation as being one-sided. While Goldstein was heated, Ivanka Trump “remained cool, calm and collected“.

Goldstein and his husband Matt Lasner were kicked off of the flight due to their actions.

Trouble started when Goldstein saw Ivanka and her family aboard the plane. The News mentions that one witness heard hims say “Oh my God, this is a nightmare… They ruin the country and now they ruin our flight.”

I was trying to figure out how Ivanka Trump could ruin a flight. Well it turns out that Goldstein didn’t appreciate the flight being delayed so Ivanka and family could board first due to security concerns.

Goldstein also had the nerve to wonder why Ivanka was on the flight and said she should be flying private!

One passenger sitting close to Ivanka heard her say how she didn’t want the incident to become a big thing. He also felt that Ivanka wouldn’t have minded if the abusive passenger got to stay on the flight.

The story took a strange twist once the couple was kicked off of the flight.

Goldstein’s husband, Matt Lasner, an associate professor at Hunter College tried to portray the incident differently on Twitter.

Before the flight, Lasner tweeted “Ivanka and Jared at JFK T5, flying commercial,” tweeted Lasner. “My husband chasing them down to harass them. #banalityofevil.”

Then he tried to make his family look like the victims! Lasner claimed that a flight attendant overheard them talking about how unhappy they were flying with Trumps!

JetBlue released a statement regarding the decision to remove Goldstein and Lasner from the flight. They were released for causing conflict which might further escalate during the flight.

The abusive couple was rebooked on the next available flight.

It sounds like both Ivanka Trump and JetBlue handled the situation well. I think that Goldstein and Lasner were lucky that JetBlue rebooked them on the next flight. Maybe they deserved a tougher penalty for their actions…

Find out more from the Daily News here.

11 thoughts on “Passengers Harass Ivanka Trump Before JetBlue Flight, Kicked Off

  1. Andy- First of all, like I stated above I am not a supporter of any politician. Second, I am stating the facts- Donald Trump will be the president of the United States. If you are American, he will be your president, like it or not.

    You talk a lot about balls, well it is nobody’s business to know what political views anyone has unless they want to share. I am not into politics and I find it funny how passionate people are about both sides yet the 2016 candidates were both extremely flawed.

    Thanks for the well-wishes with “my country”. I am a proud American and will continue to be.

  2. You’re not a Trump supporter? Yet you gleefully announce Trump will be your next president “laugh out loud”.

    You are one I’m guessing but you don’t even have the balls to admit it.

    Good luck with your country now. It’s gonna be a sh*t show

  3. bigbird- What personal knowledge would you like me to have? I wasn’t on the flight. lol

    Andy- I’ve never claimed to be a Trump supporter or any other political supporter. What are your assumptions based on? What I did share was a family being harassed on a plane due to who they are related to. Not cool IMO.

    DaninMCI- I totally agree. I would’ve liked to have seen them inconvenienced a bit more for causing trouble on a plane.

    Mike L- The guy sure was an instigator, but banning for life is a bit harsh. Maybe doing something like DaninMCI suggested for a first offense.

    James Masten- Their voices heard by harassing a family with young children??? I can’t agree with this strategy regardless of what politics one supports.

    Trumps2ndWife- Why should the Trumps be banned? And yes he will be your president in a few weeks from now. lol

    FT- I do not talk politics here and have never stated that I support any political candidate. What I do support is family rights while flying/ traveling/ at the airport or wherever.

    1. Even if he was, what difference does it make? Are you that closed-minded that you would only read a travel blog if the person has the exact same political opinions as you? That’s pretty sad.

  4. “Trouble started when Goldstein saw Ivanka and her family aboard the plane. The News mentions that one witness heard hims say “Oh my God, this is a nightmare… They ruin the country and now they ruin our flight.””- Trouble indeed started and he was the one who started it. Harassing a family with young children, in a confined space no less, and he’s trying to make THEM look like that bad people. This guy is a joke, I hope JetBlue bans him for life.

  5. I agree. People can be so hateful it’s amazing. I would have denied letting them fly that day and offered to rebook them later.

  6. Ok so the thing is you’re clearly a Trump supporter so you probably cannot process right from wrong and I’ll keep this very short

    Trump and his despicable family are threatening any semblance of stability we have in this fragile planet.

    They are about to undo the few environmental protections we have.

    Donald is literally now threatening nuclear war to…well… anyone he feels like.

    You silly silly person, you will regret your support and blood will be on your hands if you voted for him. SHAME ON YOU for posting a supportive piece on that horrific family.

    I doubt you will be braver enough to allow this comment.

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