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la quinta points

In early December I wrote about a way to earn a very easy $5 statement credit with American Express. To earn the credit, all I had to do was log-in to the Amex mobile app.

I just received a similar offer where I can earn a very easy and FREE 100 La Quinta points.

According to the e-mail that I received, the La Quinta mobile app is new and improved.

The app has a few new features:

  • Instant Free Nights: Redeem points for a free stay through the app. You can walk into a hotel and redeem your points for that night.
  • Mobile Check Out: Tap your app to check out of your room. You’ll then receive an e-mail copy of your receipt
  • LQ Instant Hold: Book and hold your stay in the app

To earn 100 FREE La Quinta points all you need to do is:

  1. Download the La Quinta app
  2. Log in
  3. (If you already have the app, you can just update it.)

Some Rules:

  • Download and log in to the La Quinta app by 2/28/17
  • Bonus points should post to your account after 72 hours

The app is available for Android on Googleplay and Apple App Store.

Find out more about the offer here.

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