Fan Spots MLB Star Mike Napoli On Flight & This Happened!

mike napoli
image: Twitter @kirchhoff_david

I haven’t had much luck spotting celebrities during a flight. Then again, I can’t say that I am ever on the lookout for them.

Last year, Kim noticed a famous actress on one of our flight. She whispered to me that Sandra Oh from Grey’s Anatomy was sitting right in front of me. We didn’t say anything but we did notice a flight attendant approach her and make some small chat.

I’m not sure what I would do if one of my favorite Mets players was sitting near me on a plane. Would I strike up a conversation? Maybe, but probably not. My guess is that public figures would most likely rather not be bothered. (However, I could send Lucas over to just say something like Let’s Go Mets!)

A couple of days back a Cleveland Indians fan was flying to Nashville when he noticed a familiar face sitting in front of him.

Former Indians first basemen (and current free agent) Mike Napoli took the seat and the fan sent out the tweet shown above.

There isn’t much info about what took place. However, it looks like Napoli and the fan, David Kirchhoff chatted a bit during the flight. When the flight landed, here is what was tweeted:

mike napoli
image: @kirchhoff_david

Not only did Kirchhoff take a photo with Mike Napoli, he also got a  ball with the MLB star’s autograph. The ball also says Party At Napoli’s.

All I want to know is where did the ball come from? Does Kirchhoff travel with a baseball or does Mike Napoli bring them everywhere he goes?

Have you ever crossed paths with a celebrity during a flight? If so, did you strike up a conversation or just go about business as usual?

Find out more from Yahoo Sports here.

2 thoughts on “Fan Spots MLB Star Mike Napoli On Flight & This Happened!

  1. Charlie- Happy New Year to you too! Great stories! I’ve seen celebs around NYC a bunch of times, prob more than I think but I usually don’t pay attention! lol

  2. Very cool! Had an actress from NCIS (Cote de Pablo) sitting behind me on a flight to LAX one time. I didn’t say anything. Also, not on a flight, but I bumped into (literally!) Andy Pettitte years ago at Tampa Zoo. I really, really wanted to say something and get a photo but he was there with his family and you could tell he was trying to have a quiet day. I just moved on. 🙂
    Happy New Year, Michael!

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