Man’s $18,000 Rolex Stolen from NYC Hotel

NYC Hotel
image: wikimedia commons

You definitely need to be careful if you invite somebody back to your hotel room that you just met.

One man is now paying the price for inviting a special someone that he met at a lounge back to his NYC hotel.

The 33 year-old man met a young lady at the lounge Faces & Names, located on West 54th Street in Manhattan at 1:20 AM on November 3. (Can’t say that I’ve heard of the place before…)

They went back to his room at the Park Central Hotel which was just a few blocks from where they met.

When the man woke up, his new friend was gone and so was his $18,000 Rolex watch! What sounds even crazier, is that the watch “had been removed from his wrist“, according to Gothamist.

The NYPD has since released surveillance photos of the woman, who was wearing all black and has medium length blonde hair. She is wanted by the police on charges of grand larceny.

Gothamist shares pictures from the hotel and a video from the lounge in their article which you can check out here.

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