Country Inn & Suites Sending Out Thank You Gifts (Targeted)

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Over the weekend I received an envelope from Country Inn and Suites which had a nice color pamphlet sharing “a lot of exciting initiatives  under way“.

The cover of the pamphlet said “Special Thanks To Our Loyal Guests“.

Being that it was Thanksgiving weekend, I figured that it was some info about the brand and not much else. However, upon skimming through the pamphlet, I came across an interesting bit of info on the last page.

Before I explain what I found on the last page, I’ll first describe the pamphlet which includes six tabs.

  1. Brand: Country Inn and Suites wants to treat us like they would their friends and family.
  2. Key Amenities: The hotels have amenities which they feel guests will love. Welcoming service, free breakfast & internet, fitness centers, read & return lending libraries, free cookies and swimming pools.
  3. Beekman 1802:  I happen to really love the hotel’s bath products, the White Water Collection which are exclusive to Country Inn & Suites. While staying at a very nice Radisson over the weekend, I had wished that they too offered Beekman 1802!
  4. Golf: The hotel is sponsoring pro golfer Zach Johnson. He should have the Country Inn & Suites logo on while playing. (Can’t say I know of Zach since I don’t follow golf.)
  5. New Hotels: We’re informed of a list of new properties.
  6. Partners: Some info on ways to earn and redeem points with partners like car rental companies and airlines.

The last part of the pamphlet was most interesting to me. The section, known as Club Carlson offered me “a special Thank You gift for being such a great guest“.

So what could it be? A free hotel stay, some points, branded Country Inn and Suites gear… I definitely had to find out.

Here is how I claimed my gift:

The form needs to be submitted by November 30, 2016.

I entered my details (e-mail, Club Carlson # & promo code) and received this message:

“Congratulations! You’ve earned 1,000 bonus Gold Points! Your bonus will be deposited in your Club Carlson account within 7 to 10 business days. Thanks again for your loyalty to Country Inns & Suites By Carlson. We look forward to welcoming you again soon.”

I won 1,000 Club Carlson Gold Points which was definitely a nice gesture from the hotel!

I wasn’t sure if this offer was targeted or not so I tried Kim’s Club Carlson account info as well as my other account. I struck out, receiving a message that they didn’t find any eligible entries…

Did you receive a Thank You gift from Country Inn and Suites? If so, please let us know what your gift was.

6 thoughts on “Country Inn & Suites Sending Out Thank You Gifts (Targeted)

  1. Thanks for posting this. I had read about this targeted promotion over on doctorofcredit, but at the time, it didn’t work for me.

    Over the weekend, I received the booklet, scanned it, and trashed it. I totally missed the fine print.

    Really glad you posted, 1000 points for me too!

  2. I saw this on another blog recently but targeted on mine or my wife’s accounts. Seems odd as we both had stays this year and have the credit cards. I have to assume it’s targeted to those that have 2016 stays specifically at Country Inn’s and not other club Carlson properties?

  3. DaninMCI- My guess is that you had to have stayed at a Country Inn but any Club Carlson brand. Odd but I’ll take the 1,000 points!

    Flyer- Very nice!

    Rich- Same message as my wife’s and my other account!

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