Yet Another Delay to Anthony Bourdain Market

Anthony Bourdain Market
image: CNN

I’ve written quite a bit about the upcoming Anthony Bourdain Market which will be located in New York City.

With so many delays, I wondered if the market would ever open back in July.

I haven’t heard much about Anthony Bourdain Market since then. However, I did watch the Parts Unknown episode with President Obama which was pretty interesting.

The market was initially supposed to open in 2015. With lots of hold-ups it was then announced that it would open a couple of years later, in 2017.

Since it’s been a while, I looked into what was going on with Bourdain Market, I headed over to their website where I learned a few things.

The market, which will be located at Pier 57 now has an opening date of sometime in 2019!

That’s pretty crazy when you think about the original 2015 launch date. So will the market ever open? Who knows…

There’s also one other bit of interesting info. We can “register to learn about our food partners from around the world on our mobile app starting in January“.

Are you excited for the Anthony Bourdain Market to open? I’d like to say that I am but with all of these delays, I’ll just try to follow along for new developments.

You can register for updates at

3 thoughts on “Yet Another Delay to Anthony Bourdain Market

  1. Not excited at all, and is sure to be a disaster if it ever opens. No New Yorker has the time to go all the way over to Pier 57 to get stuff to cook dinner, or even to grab a bite. The only customers will be tourists, and they will be the necessary focus. The real pity is that great food people like KF Seetoh, who have the knowledge to do something great in New York, are putting their energy into this sycophantic Bourdain production.

  2. Mark- If the project ever opens it should be interesting. The location does sound like it will be a bit of a pain but I think many will make an effort to visit. Guess we’ll see in 2019!

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