Kate Middleton Flies in Coach

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In all of my time flying, Ive only once really spotted a celebrity onboard. Around a year or so back, while we were flying in coach, Kim noticed that actress Sandra Oh (Sideways, Grey’s Anatomy) sat down in the seat right in front of me. While I was vaguely familiar with Oh, I wasn’t 100% sure it was her, that was until one of the flight attendants bent down and excitedly chatted with her.

One other time, while flying in business class, some D-List British celebrity was sitting in front of us. Another passenger told us who she was, not that I can recall. I’m pretty sure her biggest claim to fame was dating a football (soccer) coach!

Now imagine sitting on the plane and seeing Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge come onboard and take a seat in coach!

That’s what happened on Tuesday, according to Yahoo News. After attending an event, she “took a commercial flight on the 7:15 pm British Airways flight from the Netherlands to London”.

As Middleton took her seat close to the front of the plane, (not so surprisingly) the other passengers were shocked to see her.

While Kate was flying without her family, she “traveled with a team of bodyguards and staff“. Besides getting her seat at the front and also getting to deplane before the other passengers, Yahoo says that “Middleton was treated just like any other commoner throughout the flight“.

I do remember a story about William and Kate flying in coach in the past and Yahoo mentioned that they did so back in 2011.

It’s nice to see that the royal couple are budget travelers. I wonder if they also fly with miles and points!

Find out more from Yahoo here.

11 thoughts on “Kate Middleton Flies in Coach

  1. The Duchess of Cambridge traveled with BA in Club Europe (business class). Same seats/leg room as economy but middle seat is blocked.

  2. I thought she was in Club Europe on that flight … (what we call business class on short-haul BA flights).

  3. I think she was traveling in BA’s Euro narrow body business class, it is the front cabin, she had the bulkhead seats. they keep the middle seat empty, usually a tray folded down, no add’l leg room, but better service, drinks, meal.

  4. BA European flights are configured with all coach seats. The front of the plane, where she was sitting, is sold as business class with the middle seats blocked. So she was flying business class, I’m sure.

  5. Ed, Wembleygal, David Marquette & John- That does make sense! I’ve flown in that configuration a few times. From what I read it was coach but you all are probably correct.

    Ben- That does sound familiar!

    1. Hi Michael

      I have flown Club Europe a few times, while not an amazing product legroom-wise, at least you get a proper meal and champagne…

  6. Flew w/ Tim Cook, CEO of Apple onboard a British Air flight, SFO>LHR last year. He flew First. Saw him in the Biz class (not First) lounge before takeoff. Yes, he was also removed off the plane (VIP) ahead of everyone else. But hey, he flew w/ us and Apple has private jet options. He made the choice.

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