Dream Hotel NYC Owner Wanted for Burning Dogs in SoHo

Dream Hotel NYC
image: wikimedia commons

This is just one strange story…

The owner of the Dream Hotel NYC is wanted by the NYPD for a pretty disgusting crime. Vikram Chatwal allegedly lit two dogs on fire outside his SoHo home.

Before theĀ attack took place on Friday, ABC News reports that Chatwal was “accused of yelling at a dog walker in front of his Wooster Street home around 1:30 p.m.” He then “allegedly took out an aerosol canĀ to fan flames at the two dogs“.

When the police arrived at Chatwal’s home at 21 Wooster Street, he wasn’t there and now the NYPD is looking for him. The Dream Hotel NYC owner is wanted for reckless endangerment for burning the two dogs.

This isn’t the first time Chatwal has had trouble with the law. Back in 2013 he was arrested for drug possession at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport.

Find out more from Gothamist here.

One thought on “Dream Hotel NYC Owner Wanted for Burning Dogs in SoHo

  1. He was either drunk or on drugs when he did whatever he did. If only he weren’t so interested in being so “in” with the “in” “party” crowd his troubles may have never become what they have become.

    He’s another example of why more need to say more “just say no” to drugs”.

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